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What is 5G slicing and what does it mean for your business?

Smart Work

The benefits of the 5G network in terms of speed, bandwidth, and lower latency are already well known. However, another equally essential feature is often forgotten: network slicing. Tania Defraine, Director Enterprise Solutions & Platforms at Proximus NXT, explains how dividing the mobile network into separate slices results in maximum operational reliability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

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Internet of Facades (IoF) leads in era of smart and sustainable living: Living Tomorrow as a showcase for IoF

Smart Buildings & Infrastructure

As the world moves quickly towards a more connected and intelligent future, the buildings we live and work in evolve fundamentally. One of the more profound evolutions in the architectural landscape is the transmutation of traditional facades to dynamic, responsive entities, through the concept of Internet of Facades (IoF). This integrative approach hints at a revolution in building management and maintenance, leading in an era of sustainable and smart living.

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Luxury redefined: discover the power of soft water

Smart Health & Care
Smart Buildings & Infrastructure

Whether it's for vacation, work, conventions, or whatever reason, many people around the world travel and stay in a variety of accommodations. How do you imagine this will be in the future?

Europe 2030 powerhouse

Europe 2030: a digital powerhouse?

If there’s one thing the European Union can’t be accused of lacking, it’s ambition. Now we’re adding another deadline to the many the EU has already set for itself and the Member States. Although this time it’s a virtual – or even imaginary – one, put in place specifically for this year’s Masters of Digital event.

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WORLD WATER DAY: Choices, solutions, and actions for a better tomorrow

Smart Health & Care
Smart Home & Out-of-home

Hey there, water enthusiasts! Today is World Water Day, a day to celebrate water as a unifying force and a fundamental human right. This annual event serves as a much-needed reminder of the importance of freshwater, the global water crisis, and the need for sustainable development of water resources.

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8 cybersecurity trends & threats for 2024

Mention the word ‘cybersecurity’ today and the term AI is not far behind. But the cyberattack footprint extends much further. On the other hand, new and solid defence mechanisms are also available. Proximus NXT and its security partners explain.

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